This stone took a toll on me, I turned it off
In a city of red blood washed clean in syrup
In one lifetime I don't blow up
In one lifetime I don't blow up
This fairytale tells of a life form
We're all trapped in a life form
A country bum is ugly but
The city life is too much, much for em
Cut back from your ugly life form
It's all a rush, it's all a crush, it's all a crush
Your ugly death bricking face is the only breath underground
Yes, so what
Your only reason to crush me up is to get your revenge
But guess what
I'm nothing new, I'm always some piece of shit
You look at me with disgust but I'm new
I'll clear out
You took me to an overnight so what


from I'm Just Gonna Get In This Fucking Helicopter, released January 1, 2016




Malatese Harrisonburg, Virginia

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