I'm Just Gonna Get In This Fucking Helicopter

by Malatese

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All music by Malatese
Recorded at The New Flesh, Harrisonburg VA, Fall 2015

Cassette forthcoming (malatese AT gmail if you want to put it out?)


released January 1, 2016




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Malatese Harrisonburg, Virginia

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Track Name: Last Night I Felt Fine
Last evening I felt so fine
I inflated my head til tears come out
Clear and clean water transparent
Suddenly time passes by again and again
Suddenly time passes again to another one, another one, so on, so long
You hardly see it
So beware anything I say
I'm just looking for words for you
Cuz you hardly see it when you get there
Suddenly time's passing for you
Huddle on to another one, and so on
Track Name: I Was On A Binger
You never say
I was on, I was on a binger, a little binger
I was on a binger with you
You were the date
I was on a binger, save me
Track Name: Natural Consequence
I never should have let you
take it to a yes or no
Cut and dry formula
mistake me for a brat
Take it to a yes or no
Slipped into your bedroom
I just had a natural consequence
Slipped into you bedroom
Just like that
I never should have let you
Take it to a yes or no
Cut and dry
Slipped into your bedroom
I take a drink but you get tipsy
I take the drink but you get tipsy
Talk about it yet never talk about it
I could hear it but never hear it coming
We should have talked about it
Track Name: Untitled
This stone took a toll on me, I turned it off
In a city of red blood washed clean in syrup
In one lifetime I don't blow up
In one lifetime I don't blow up
This fairytale tells of a life form
We're all trapped in a life form
A country bum is ugly but
The city life is too much, much for em
Cut back from your ugly life form
It's all a rush, it's all a crush, it's all a crush
Your ugly death bricking face is the only breath underground
Yes, so what
Your only reason to crush me up is to get your revenge
But guess what
I'm nothing new, I'm always some piece of shit
You look at me with disgust but I'm new
I'll clear out
You took me to an overnight so what
Track Name: 38.547999, -77.360659
I was a...kid.

So don't call me sharpened
How they've mistaken me so long
Oh look down, its over for me
Mom and dad, it over, for me
This is the doubt, tell us where its from
I don't know, it covered me
I looked down, I looked around, everywhere
You knew the lines, you knew the lines,
Without them saying anything
I was wrong, endlessly